Canton FBLA American Enterprise Day

On Friday November 15, the FBLA organization went on a business field trip to Cold Stone Creamery and Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company in St. Louis, Missouri. The bus left at 7:00am and the students returned home at 6:30. The trip accomplished an achievement the chapter will need to receive the bronze award, which was to take a trip on American Enterprise Day. The students could also dress in business attire to fulfill a requirement for their business achievement award. On the trip the students were given tours of the companies and were shown how they operate.  The groups of students were allowed access to better figure out how the companies ran.

At Cold Stone Creamery the owner showed us the inner works of the company. She showed us some of the expenses and how she must budget three different store locations. She explained to us that she must make and sell certain kinds of ice creams but, also has the lea way to make other flavors she wants. If the other non-mandatory flavors do not sell well at one store it is simply moved to another one of her three stores. The employees at Cold Stone Creamery demonstrated to us how to prepare ice cream and allowed the students to prepare their own ice cream.

The chapter then proceeded to Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory where we were given a tour of the factory and able to shop in the gift shop. The tour guide told us about the process they go through to make the chocolate. We also found out that the factory got its name from the owners’ three sons, chocolate for every son. The three sons now own and operate the company. The company is also well known for its chocolate toddles which are like chocolate turtles but, since the name is copyrighted they call theirs toddles. After the tour the group was given the opportunity to go to a special room to taste some other chocolate and shop in the gift shop.