Missouri FBLA-PBL SLC Promo

Missouri FBLA-PBL is pleased to release their first ever promotional video for the State Leadership Conference, created in partnership with Tri Leadership Resources.  This video highlights the many opportunities available at the conference to members and advisers.

The 2017 State Leadership Conferences brings about positive change and expansion, with Middle Level moving to its own day on March 31.  Both Middle Level and PBL will be hosted at Drury University through a new strategic partnership.  Opening and Awards for FBLA move to JQH Arena at Missouri State University, offering more students the opportunity to be up close and personal with our sessions.

Advancing educational opportunities has always been the primary focus of Missouri FBLA-PBL, and the changes made for 2017 reflect that.  All final event rounds now have the Top 10 performing, allowing over 200 more students the opportunity to perform at SLC.  Schools can now bring an additional four students to SLC for workshops and leadership activities.