FBLA Walks in Christmas Parade

Otterville FBLA members participated in the Missouri State Project, “Honor The Legacy, Support Our Troops”.  The chapter members created 14 posters trimmed in red and green chains with the” On the Twelve Days of Christmas the Military Allowed to Me” opportunities.  Candy and a handout was given to parade watchers.  The veterans of the Warrensburg Veterans Home asked the chapter to assist them in participating in the Sedalia Christmas Parade by helping their residents if weather permitted them to be in it.  Hot chocolate, coffee, and donuts were provided by FBLA, while many memories were shared by the veterans with the chapter members.  The chapter members walked in front of the Warrensburg Veterans Home mini bus during the parade.  Members participating were:  James Kroeker, Kit Thompson, Austin Roland, Ben Morrison, James Clark, Megan Hamilton, Hanna Heaper, Savannah Miller, Spencer Saltsgaver, Cody Tucker, Kaleb Wiser, Cody Evans, Ashleigh Howe, Laila Azuara, Ava Norman, Crystal Vang, Emily Gorrell, Katie Schoen, Ryan Siegel, Katelyn Young, Cheyanne Beard, Jake Neal, Cleo Norman, Franklin Oswald, and Chapter Adviser-Mrs. Birdwell. Parent chaperones included Cheri Gorrell and Teresa Young.