SLC Competitive Event Schedules

Below you will find the schedules for all FBLA Competitive Events.  If the event had a test or pre-judged component, the Top 10 will perform.  Only their names are included on the schedules.

Competitive event times have been cross checked for conflicts.  Times may be close, but should not pose an issue.  If a student is running behind in one event, they will not be disqualified from other events.

Note: Schedules and information is subject to change prior to SLC.  Please revisit this site often for updates.

Set-Up Information

If your event includes a projector, it will be provided in the room with VGA and HDMI hookups.  You will have five (5) minutes to set-up equipment, which begins at your assigned time.

Prep Room Information

If your event includes a prompt, your prep time has been assigned. All prep occurs in UPH-Colorado.  Pencils, notecards, and the prompt are provided.

Check-In & Holding Room Information

All competitors must check-in with FBLA-PBL staff in UPH-Illinois.  Upon check-in, students are required to remain in UPH-Illinois until the respective Event Administrator or Prep Room Coordinator comes to get them.

Preliminary & Prejudged Schedules

3d Animation

American Enterprise Project

Banking & Financial Systems

Business Ethics Sec 2

Business Ethics Sec1

Business Financial Plan

Business Plan

Client Service Sec1

Client Service Sec2

Coding & Programming

Community Service Project

Computer Game & Simulation Programming

Digital Video Production


Electronic Career Portfolio

Emerging Business Issues Sec1

Emerging Business Issues Sec2


Future Business Leader

Global Business

Graphic Design

Help Desk

Hospitality Management

Impromptu Speaking Sec1

Impromptu Speaking Sec2

Introduction to Business Presentation Sec1

Introduction to Business Presentation Sec2

Job Interview Sec1

Job Interview Sec2

Management Decision Making

Management Information Systems


Mobile Application Development

Network Design

Parliamentary Procedure

Publication Design

Public Speaking I Sec1

Public Speaking I Sec2

Public Speaking II Sec1

Public Speaking II Sec2

Public Service Announcement Sec1

Public Service Announcement Sec2

Partnership with Business

Sports & Entertainment Management

Social Media Campaign Sec1

Social Media Campaign Sec2

Sales Presentation Sec1

Sales Presentation Sec2

Website Design



Finals Schedules

Business Ethics

Client Service

Emerging Business Issues

Future Business Leader

Impromptu Speaking

Intro to Business Presentation

Job Interview

Public Service Announcement

Public Speaking I

Public Speaking II

Sales Presentation

Social Media Campaign


Good luck to our finalists!