District 15

winning team

The students above were on the winning team for the leadership project at Fall Planning Meeting

Fall Planning Meeting October 1 at noon (or when all CTC buses arrive).

District Contest is Feb. 16th (snow day the 19th) with registration beginning at 8 am and opening session at 8:30 on the 4th floor of the University Center on the Southeast Missouri campus.

Judges  – link to who is responsible for judge

Questions contact Theresa Taylor at taylort@capetigers.com

District Officers


  1. Schedule of Events:
    1. registration from 8:00 to 8:30, with opening session at 8:30 a.m.  All events with performances will be performed at District
    2. All skills events will be uploaded online.
  2. 2015-2016 Topics
  3. We should have 75% or better membership participation at DLC
  4. District Conference Registration Deadline—See Missouri Chapter Planning Guide
  5. Opening and Closing Dates for Online and Skills Testing (See Missouri Planning Guide)
  6. Number of Events Per Student—Each member may enter 3 events (no more than 2 of these have a performance component)
  7. Registration Fees—Flat fee of $10 per member attending and/or competing in DLC.
  8. Judges for Events
  9. District Officers will conduct at least one workshop and will have duties at conference (Time keepers or doorkeepers)
  10. Middle Level members may attend and assist as time keepers and doorkeepers.
  11. Possible getting MO PBL President from SEMO to be present
  12. District officers candidates must have the Future Level of the BAA’s completed by deadline to be eligible to run.
  13. All rating sheets and tally sheets will be scanned electronically—Document Scanner
  14. Make sure you have participates will be able to attend SLC when register
  15. At DLC, we will have slots at SLC that our district is responsible for to administer— sign ups should be available at DLC

Remember all dates and information is in your Chapter Planning Guide, Chapter Management Handbook, and Missouri Competitive Event Handbook—Make sure you read through all the changes, updates, required elements for events, etc