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Each adviser of District 19 has duties they are responsible for at DLC and at SLC. Besides the obvious of helping their members prepare for district competition and their testing/uploads, there are duties specific to helping districts run smoothly that only the advisers can perform.

  1. Attend District 19 Fall Planning Meeting
  2. Advisers with District Officers
    • Attend planning meetings with officers
    • Help at check in, grading room, and opening/closing ceremony at DLC
  3. Based on competitive event as drawn at planning meeting
    • Secure 3 judges for event
    • Forward judge information (see judges form) to LCA no later than 12/01/15
    • Provide doorkeeper and timer for event (these can be students)
    • Provide prep room person (if needed) for event
  4. Day of DLC, perform administrator duties for event
  5. Within 3 days after DLC, report to LCA which qualifying winners will and will not be competing at SLC
  6. Volunteer and sign up for SLC duties (LCA will notify of dates and times volunteers are needed)