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The dates/deadlines provided by state are final. There are no exceptions. This rule makes things run smoother for everyone involved. The magic ending time is 5:00 p.m. on all dates. This means that if a test is being taken at 5:00 p.m. and has not been submitted then it will shut down where it is and will not be registered. The same goes for uploading an item. So, please please please, do NOT wait until the last day and last second to register, upload, or test.

10/??/16 – District 19 Fall Planning Meeting @ GRTS in Chillicothe @ 10:00 a.m.

11/18/16 thru 12/07/16 – DLC Registration

  • Easy system with member and event drop down taken directly from National membership files
  • Adviser email entered as contact adviser will be where ALL documentation is sent from registration (tests, passwords, confirmations, etc.)
  • Use Event Sign Up Sheet (Excel doc) to sign up students. It has the exact amount of lines for a perfect number of sign ups in each event. Do NOT change the form for amounts per event. (See link under Document Library)
  • Adviser MUST finalize each time they are in the registration system. Us it like a Save button. You can go back in and change any time through deadline time at 5:00 p.m.
  • Errors in registration won’t let you finalize. It will tell you the problem at the bottom so you can fix what is wrong
  • Confirmation email will be sent each time something is changed in the registration link. Email contains all registration information including deadline dates for that event.
  • Incorrect name spellings must be corrected by contacting the national office at custserv@fbla.org (or call) no later than the week before 12/09/16. Missouri CANNOT make name changes as the adviser made the error when entering into system for national dues.

12/07/16 – Changes (or drops) are the adviser responsibility and can only be done through registration up through 5:00 p.m. NOTHING will be done after this.

12/09/16 – MUST submit a payment form once registration is submitted and an invoice will be generated for you and state. This is not the payment.

  • This will create an invoice, email to adviser, send receipt when posted by state
  • Accept the invoice to get the bill so advisers can use for requesting payment
  • Only 1 form of payment is accepted (check or credit card) – not both
  • Errors – DON’T do another invoice. When you open the invoice, top corner has a dispute button – use this and state will fix

12/09/16 thru 01/11/17 – Testing Window

  • Team members will test TOGETHER if they have an objective test
  • Those who are taking the same tests (ex. 5 members taking Accounting) do NOT have to test at the same time
  • Skills testing please read your uploading instructions and make sure to follow the correct format requested

01/06/17 – Prejudged Event Upload Deadline

01/06/17 – DLC Payment Deadline (DLC registration must be PAID to State office-$10 per member and adviser)

01/13/17 – Dues Deadline (All dues must be PAID to National office)

01/13/16 – District and State Officer Applications Due AND “F” for BAAs (Officers must have at least the “F” of the BAA earned. If not then this is also the deadline for the first step of BAAs)

01/??/17 – Skills Event Grading Day for D19 (D19 will be grading another districts skills tests. It is all digital and interactive on the internet so it will be a much easier and quicker day. This is required by state. There will be a small fuel stipend available from state.)

02/21/17 – DLC at NCMC in Trenton MO. Remember, majority chose no Saturday and no makeup day. Advisers have 3 days left to register for SLC. The advisers will turn in their “attendance at state form” plus their “test selection form” so the LCA will have those that can’t attend state and which tests a member is competing in (if qualify for more than 2).

03/01/17 – BAA Deadline (Exceptions include “F” needed for officer applications and “A” in April)