Dollars for Disasters

Dollars for Disasters

Dollars for Disasters, originally known as Rooting for Joplin, is a project created in response to the deadlly May 2011 tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri.  Missouri FBLA-PBL replanted 10% of the trees destroyed in the tornado.

The project was transformed into Dollars for Disasters, a financial reserve account held by Missouri FBLA-PBL to fund chapters in the event of natural or manmade disasters.  These chapters can continue to function with financial support and be a constant for students in the community.

Donation Form

Click here to make a donation and submit a State Project Report Form.

Request for Funds

If you chapter was recently affected by a natural or manmade disaster, and the devastation has prevent your chapter from operating, please contract Chris Dzurick, Missouri FBLA-PBL State Adviser.  Funds may be available for the purchase of equipment or to cover travel and conference expenses.