Education Projects

Education provides all students, no matter their background, with the skills necessary to become a responsible business leader.  Through projects with business and career focus, students can enhance themselves for the competitive business world.

The Business Achievement Awards (BAA) are an aggressive, self-directed, results-based business and leadership program designed to complement academics while accelerating a student’s leadership skills. The award levels focus on the words surrounding the FBLA-PBL Crest: Service, Education, and Progress. There is a heavy emphasis on education with integrated classroom projects.

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The Community Service Award (CSA) is a recognition program for FBLA members with extraordinary commitment to community service.  Students earn recognition after completing 50 hours, 200 hours, and 500 hours of community service.

While ML and PBL do not have recognition programs in place with the National Association, we still encourage those chapter to engage in volunteerism. 

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The Career and Membership Achievement Program (CMAP) is a comprehensive membership recognition program for PBL members which encompasses projects, goals, and programs with special emphasis on career development and preparation for the world of work. The award levels focus on the words surrounding the FBLA-PBL Crest: Service, Education, and Progress.

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We encourage our local chapters to showcase the business in their communities and all across Missouri because that contributes to making us the greatest state in the Nation!  Each year, Missouri FBLA-PBL spends thousands of dollars that support the Missouri economy.

Each chapter is asked to complete a financial report form that helps to categorize the purchases our chapters make in Missouri.  Applicable purchases include those that are supporting:

Locally owned businesses
Locally owned and operated franchises
Business/companies that are based in Missouri
Colleges and universities in Missouri

Report Form

Click here to submit a Financial Report and State Project Report Form.

  • Download the Financial Report here.